Support surface / Epoxies / Joints

Check that the support surface is level, consistent, dry and free from dust or grease. Use the appropriate epoxy for each type of product, taking into consideration the support surface, the format and the product’s finality (interior, exterior, floor or wallcovering). Follow the instructions provided by the epoxy manufacturer, namely: amount / m2,distribution And drying times.

Apply the epoxy over the support surface and comb it with a notched trowel to regularise the thickness. Heavier or larger pieces should be Epoxied twice. Place the tiles and press them until the grooves are level. Make sure that no air bubbles exist underneath the tile.

The joints between the pieces, be they in floor and wall coverings, are important both technically and aesthetically. Joints with the appropriate Characteristics for the location and for their finality should be used. Apply the joints using the appropriate mortar 24 hours after the epoxy application, using the appropriate trowel.

Cleaning and maintenance

30 minutes after application, start the cleaning of the residues of the joint product with a damp sponge. When the product has completely Hardened, carry out a general cleaning with a dry cloth.

During maintenance of ceramic floor and wallcoverings, we recommend frequent cleaning of surfaces with household cleaning products. In areas leading to the outside, use mats to avoid sand coming into contact with the floor covering and causing damage.

During the cleaning and maintenance, the use of tools or abrasive with high concentration cleaning products which may scratch or damage The surface of tiles with decorative designs is strongly inadvisable.

Recommendations for Application and Use

Before applying the tiles, please make sure that the boxes match in terms reference, lot and calibre numbers and if the quantity is sufficient to Complete the project,taking into consideration a margin of error.

Open 3 or 4 boxes and spread out various pieces in order to verify that they are all indeed of the same lot and calibre. Never apply different Lots on the same surface.

For better results in terms of colour homogeneity, at least 3 boxes should all be used at the same time.

Viúva Lamego’s decorative finishes produced in a third firing result from special decorative processes that may represent slight variations of tone. These pieces require an even more special handling to avoid scratches and irreversible damage.The surface should be protected during the applicationto avoid contact with the mortar. Excess mortar should be cleaned immediately with a clean sponge and abundant water. Abrasive or acidic cleaning agents cannot be used.

Technical specifications

In terms of technical specifications, the products of the brand Viúva Lamego meet the requirements defined by the European Norm EN 14411 : 2012 (Annex F) Group AIII (E > 10%) – GL (glaze), being classified as Extruded Ceramic Wall Tiles.

Installation tips

Being hand-made, the Viúva Lamego tiles have an irregular surface, an almost regular contour, and relatively inaccurate dimensions. The used raw material and glazes add to the colour depth, making each tile unique, beautiful and versatile. There are no two equal pieces. These are the characteristics that make them so unique. Before the application plan meticulously the project you intend to execute. Make a pre-screening for variation of colour and size, so that the tiles are applied strategically mixed. Verify if the quantity is sufficient for the execution of the project, and if you have an extra quantity as prevention margin. The joints have important technical and aesthetic functions. Therefore, we recommend a joint of 2 mm between the pieces. These should be grouted with adequate mortar 24 hours after applying the glue, using a suitable trowel. The colour choice of the joint will influence the final outcome of the application. Make sure you select the correct colour. With Viúva Lamego pieces, the end result will always be unique and timeless.

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