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The Viúva Lamego Artistic Residencies are a service that includes space rental, technical support from a professional team, use of materials and resources from the factory. The budget for each residency is customised, depending on the project.

The eligibility of the project is based on the framework of the proposal in the concept of Artistic Residencies at Viúva Lamego and the respective technical capacity of execution.

All applications are individual and are open to new artists and/or students in the areas of Art, Design or Architecture, of any age or nationality. The challenge proposed by the competition is to develop a tile-based piece to commemorate the 175th anniversary of Viúva Lamego. We offer an Artist Residency at Viúva Lamego, including technical support, materials and space in the factory to realise the project, for a period of up to 10 weeks.

For more information about the competition and regulations, see the document pdf with regulations.

Important Dates:
Competition period: March 12th to April 22nd
Announcement results: May 6th
Start of residence period: May 13th
End of residence period: September 16th

Apply for

Personal information

Professional journey

Project description

Make a description as detailed as possible (shapes, colors, dimensions, techniques), and if possible present a sketch or drawing

Draw up a descriptive report presenting the project you intend to develop.

*upload a description and defence of the proposal in relation to the commemoration of the 175th anniversary of Viúva Lamego and other information that you consider relevant to the application
*subject to validation with the Viúva Lamego team
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