Artist Residencies

The Viúva Lamego factory is a space for artistic creation, with a historical connection with artists, architects, designers who want to make ceramics their means of artistic expression, defending the valorisation and inclusion by talent, added to the know-how of our artisans.

Artist Residencies
Artist Residencies
a centre for artistic development

Viúva Lamego is a centre for artistic development. Since 1930, Viúva Lamego has opened its doors to welcome artists into the factory. The encounter between authors and master craftsmen is cultivated: a relationship in favour of discovery.

1st Competition - Viúva Lamego Artistic Residency
1st Competition - Viúva Lamego Artistic Residency

1st Competition - Viúva Lamego Artistic Residency

All applications are individual and are open to new artists and/or students in the areas of Art, Design or Architecture, of any age or nationality.

The challenge proposed by the competition is to develop a tile-based piece to commemorate the 175th anniversary of Viúva Lamego.

We offer an Artist Residency at Viúva Lamego, including technical support, materials and space in the factory to realise the project, for a period of up to 10 weeks.


Competition period - March 12th to April 22nd
Announcement results - May 6th
Start of residence period - May 13th
End of residence period - September 16th

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Viúva Lamego's mission is to "preserve the legacy and ensure the future". Because we believe that the close collaboration between artists and artisans generates a virtuous cycle, which enhances artistic creation and know-how, it is essential for us to support authors from different quarters, through artistic residencies.

Resident artist 2022

Be a resident artist Viúva Lamego. We cultivate the encounter between authors and master craftspeople.

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We nurture the partnership between authors and craftspeople

Over the years, many creative individuals have developed their work alongside our craftspeople, in tailored workshops located in the factory.

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