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About Us

Who we are

Preserving our legacy. Ensuring our future.

Viúva Lamego is a factory that welcomes the world, with almost two centuries of history, taking our culture - in particular tiles - from what is traditional to what is contemporary.

Masters of the authentic
Viúva Lamego is a hub of artistic development

A space in which to experiment. The Viúva Lamego factory offers a meeting point for creatives and master craftspeople to form a bond fostering discovery.

Viúva Lamego’s years of experience and its in-depth knowledge of the properties of tiles open doors to unlimited possibilities for the use of the material.

Viúva Lamego

We nurture the partnership between authors and craftspeople

Over the years, many creative individuals have developed their work alongside our craftspeople, in tailored workshops located in the factory.

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To tell the history of Viúva Lamego is to tell the history of the Portuguese tile.

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