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Catalogues and Technical Information

Viúva Lamego provides advice and technical support during the choice, application and maintenance of our products. If the information you are looking for is not on this page, please contact us.

Catalogues and Technical Information
Catalogues and Technical Information

Data sheets

Technical Characteristics I

Collections: Azulejos Vidrados Lisos; Azulejos Vidrados De Superfície Irregular; Comporta; Correia Raggazzi; Azulejos De Relevo; Azulejos De Arestas; Azulejos Moçarabes; Viúva Lamego By Miguel Saraiva; Nord; Marble; Patchwork; Azulejos de Preenchimento; Paineis Azulejares; Azulejo Tradicional.

Technical Characteristics II

Collection: Aires Mateus Branco (White)

Technical Characteristics III

Collections: Bela Silva Tavira and West Coast in the Colours: Cobalt Turquoise; Ocean Blue; Ocean Turquoise; Terre Vert; White Sand.

Technical Characteristics IV

Collection: SUD, Bela Silva, Linhas da Terra

Shapes dimensions and colours

Our team of technicians and craftsmen make each tile unique. We tailor-make, listen and seek answers to all projects, colours, designs, scales or formats.

Installation and Maintenance

Viúva Lamego offers advice and technical support during the choice, application and maintenance of its products. If the information you are looking for is not on this page, please contact us.

Technical information

Before applying Viúva Lamego tiles, check that the boxes have the same reference, batch and gauge number. You should also confirm whether the number of tiles is sufficient to undertake the work in question. It is recommended that you purchase a larger number of tiles than needed, in case there are any mistakes during their application.

Tiles from the same batch should be applied on the same surface. For optimal colour matching, you should use at least 3 boxes at the same time.

The Viúva Lamego decorative elements produced through a third firing result from special decoration processes that may cause a slight variation in tonality. These pieces require careful handling to avoid risks or irreversible damage. Their surface should be protected during application so as to avoid any contact with mortar. Any excess mortar should be removed immediately with a clean sponge and plenty of water. The use of abrasive or acidic cleaning agents is not recommended.

Before applying the tiles it is necessary to check that the support surface is flat, uniform, dry and free of any dust or grease. Use appropriate adhesives for each type of product, considering the support surface, the format and the intended use (interior, exterior, flooring, covering). Follow the instructions indicated by the adhesive manufacturer, particularly consumption per m2, distribution and times.

Apply the adhesive on the support surface and even out the thickness with a trowel. On pieces with a larger weight or format, apply the adhesive twice. Place the pieces and press until the grooves are level. Make sure there are no air pockets under the piece.

The joints between pieces, both for floorings and coverings, have important technical and aesthetic functions. Use joints with appropriate characteristics for the site of their laying and their purpose. Seal the joints with suitable mortar 24 hours after applying the adhesive, by using a suitable trowel. We recommend a 2 mm joint between pieces.

30 minutes after grouting the tiles, remove the leftover mortar from the joints with a damp sponge. Once the product has set, we recommend general cleaning with a dry cloth.

To maintain the tiles, we recommend regular cleaning of the surfaces with domestic cleaning products.

When cleaning and maintaining decorative tiles, we do not recommend using abrasive or highly concentrated cleaning products or utensils that may scratch or damage them.

Viúva Lamego products comply with the requirements specified by European Standard EN 14411: 2012 (Annex F) Group AIII (E> 10%) – GL (Glazed), and are classified with the name Extruded Ceramic Tile.

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