The colours and textures of the real product may differ from those shown on the screen. Due to the artisanal production that characterises and values Viúva Lamego tiles, the tiles may vary in colour, tone, texture and size (dimensional tolerance 2%).

In the tiles of the Moçarabes collection, with more transparent glazing colours, variations of tone along the surface of each tile are to be expected, namely darker tones in the low relief due to the greater deposit of glass and lighter tones in the high relief.
Technical Characteristics I
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MP 604 MULTICOR (14x14 cm)
Surface type
Translúcido brilhante
Tone Variation

Low (V1): pieces with low tonal variation

Slight (V2): pieces with slight tonal variation

Moderate (V3): pieces with evident shade variation

High (V4): pieces with a high variation in tone

Elevada (V4)
Pools, Lakes and Fountains
Shower and Sauna Area
Interior Walls
Exterior Facades
Technical Characteristics I
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Azulejos Moçarabes - MP 604 Multicor 14x14
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