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Viúva Lamego provides advice and technical support during the selection, installation and maintenance of our products. If you have any questions or if you can’t find the information you are looking for, please contact us.

Application and use

Prior to installing Viúva Lamego tiles, you should check that all the boxes have the same reference, lot and size. You should also confirm that the amount of tiles is sufficient. It is recommended to purchase a slightly larger number of tiles than needed to have backups if any of the tiles get damaged during installation.

Please note that tiles from the same lot must be applied on the same surface. To ensure homogeneity of colour, at least 3 boxes should be used simultaneously. Due to the traditional methods used to manufacture Viúva Lamego’s decorative tiles, these may have slight variations of tonality. Careful handling is in order to avoid scratching or irreversible damage. The tile surface should be protected during installation to prevent contact with the mortars.

Excessive mortar material should be removed immediately with a clean sponge and plenty of water, and the use of abrasive or acidic cleaning agents should be avoided.

Support surface / Epoxies / Joints

Before applying the tiles, check that the support surface is level, consistent, dry and free from dust and grease. Use the appropriate epoxy for each type of product, taking into consideration the support surface, format and intended use (interior, exterior, floor or wallcovering). Follow the instructions provided by the epoxy manufacturer regarding amount per m2, distribution and drying times.

Apply the epoxy over the support surface and comb it with a notched trowel to even the thickness. Heavier or larger pieces should be epoxied twice. Place the tiles and press them until the grooves are level. Make sure that no air bubbles exist underneath the tile.

The joints between the tiles, play an important role, both technically and aesthetically. Apply the joints using the appropriate mortar 24 hours after the epoxy application, using the appropriate trowel. We recommend joints with 2 mm of width.

Cleaning and

30 minutes after installation, clean the residues with a damp sponge. When the mortar has completely hardened, clean the whole surface with a dry cloth.

To ensure your Viúva Lamego’s tiles are kept in the best condition, we recommend frequent cleaning of surfaces with household cleaning products.

Always avoid tools or products that may scratch or damage ceramic surfaces, such as high concentration cleaning products.

Cleaning and maintenance
Cleaning and maintenance
Cleaning and maintenance


Viúva Lamego’s products meet the requirements defined by the European Norm EN 14411: 2012 (Annex F) Group AIII (E > 10%) – GL (glaze), being classified as Extruded Ceramic Wall Tiles.

Technical specifications

In addition to our regular product range, Viúva Lamego specializes in tailor-made projects.
We create and develop new shapes, colours and materials.